Aclima LightWool T Shirt Review

By Phil on 2015.03.29 In Product Review

I recently received an Aclima LightWool Merino wool baselayer T-Shirt from Nordic Outdoor in Keswick and this is my review of the product.


Previously I had used Icebreaker Merino products, which had served me well in the past, but since being introduced to Aclima products last year while on Fjallraven Polar, I have now switched to using Aclima for all my baselayer products. I use the WoolNet and WarmWool products for winter as and the LightWool for warmer spring/summer conditions as well as the DesignWool products for more casual use.

Merino wool baselayer products certainly are the best for all outdoor activities due the various unique properties and so much better than any synthetic baselayer I had used before I discovered the benefits of Merino wool. Some of the key properties are:

  • Highly absorbent and can hold about 30% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp on your skin
  • Quick drying properties
  • Breathable in both hot and cold climates, yet still keeps you warm in the colder weather
  • Merino wool is a natural antimicrobial, which means it deters bacteria and the subsequent odour generated from your body – No stink!
  • Comfortable on your skin. People think wool irritates your skin. Merino wool is significantly finer than traditional sheep’s wool and feels more like silk against your body
  • Insulating and ventilating

There are many more properties of Merino wool which makes this an excellent choice for baselayer’s and socks, so if you have yet to experience Merino wool baselayer’s then give it a go now. You will never go back.

The Aclima LightWool T-Shirt is more fitted than the Icebreaker I used to use, but not in a body hugging/fitting way, as I prefer to still have a little room in my baselayer. It just feels more fitted and more comfortable than the Icebreaker equivalent I used to use. The Aclima baselayer’s also seem to keep their shape a lot better after washing then Icebreaker. Some of my Icebreaker’s became a lot more baggy after a period of time of use and washing. I have used Aclima products for nearly a year now and this has yet to happen and any of the products I own.

So if you are looking for baselayer product then I would thoroughly recommend checking out the full Aclima range at Nordic Outdoor as they have an excellent range of their products. I’m amazed that the brand isn’t as well known in the UK as it is in other parts of Europe.

I also have the LightWool long sleeve version and already have my eye on the LightWool Hoodie long sleeve, as I think the addition of the hood is an excellent idea and most useful in summer, yet windy conditions.

You can use the Aclima product guide below to find the most suitable product for your activity:

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