Confessions of a Hiker

By Phil on 2015.07.26 In Norway

Well my Norway adventure has started.


Me and Jason flew to Stavanger with just a few maps, loads of outdoor gear and a list of places we would like to hike, but no real plan, other than to get hire car, take tent, drive, hike and repeat. A play it by ear hiking adventure.

We started our trip off in style and spent the first night at the Sola Strand hotel by the beach in Stavanger. I mentioned to Jason that the bathroom had underfloor heating. To which he replied: “Excellent, just what I always look for in a hotel in the height of summer”. So I think he was pleased with my choice of hotel.  

Next morning we walked to airport to pickup the hire car. As we walked along Jason pointed out some cows with very long legs in a field without a fence. Until I told him there were actually horses and not cows. He was obviously still half asleep.

I brought my GPS I use for hiking in the UK with the Norway maps installed to help us on the Norwegian roads. I put the address in for Preikestolen start point and the ETA was 19:30! It’s only around 40km away! Until I realised I had to change setting on GPS from hiking to driving. Great start. It felt like Cormayeur our the Tour du Mont Blanc all over again. I just hope I remember to change it back when I return to the UK and hiking in the lakes.  

We finally arrived at the Preikestolen car park around lunch time. We packed our day sacks as if we were going on our usual day hikes in the UK and headed up with the crowds. It was a very touristy hike up to Preikestolen, aka Priest Rock or Pulpit Rock and plenty of stunning scenery. 


We Finally arrived at the summit along with the 100s of other. I was surprised how small the actual area on top of the rock was. It looked bigger when I flew over it last year when I got to fly plane around Stavanger with my Norwegian pilot friend Britt Victoria and Polar mate Jostein.

 We took the usual touristy photos and selfie before heading back. Instead of heading back down the tourist route, we decided to go off piste a little and head up higher above the rock to look down and get a better perspective.

 This was great decision as we were only people around looking down on everyone, before we headed back down to meet the tourist path and return to the car. It was a great hike despite the crowds and glad we got the main tourist hike out of the way first, as our plan for the rest of the week is to head towards Hardangervidda and do more mountains and wild camps.

We then decided to drive a few hours further north until we finally stopped at Røldal and found a great camp site at around 22:00 and pitched tent.   

I hope to blog about the rest of our adventure where possible. I wonder what today will bring.

Ha det!

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