Fjällräven Abisko Lightweight 2 Review

By Phil on 2014.06.02 In Product Review

As I have signed up to the Fjällräven Classic this August, I needed to purchase a tent. After months of research and asking friends for advice, I decided on the 3 season Fjällräven Abisko Lightweight 2 tent.


Prior to the Fjällräven Polar in April, it had been well over 20 years since I last camped out in a tent, so I decided to go for the tunnel styled Abisko 2 tent based on my recent experience of the Fjällräven Akka 3 which we used on the Polar. As I will be carrying this tent in my rucksack during the Fjällräven Classic, I needed a lighter weight tent compared to the Akka which is more suited to 4 season and more extreme conditions.

I contacted Neil, the manager at my local Fjällräven stockist at LD Mountain Centre and asked him if he could get me the Abisko 2 tent in my favourite UN Blue colour. Luckily he managed to get me the only UN Blue one available in the UK at the time, as they are very hard to get in that colour.

Last weekend I finally got a chance to try out my new Abisko tent for real, as I headed to Ullswater in the Lake District for a night. I had previously practiced putting tent up in my garden a few times and had managed to get my pitching time down to around 10 minutes, which I think is pretty good and which I still managed to maintain at the weekend while under pressure and being watched by Ian, Keith and Neil.

  • The tent has 3 poles and uses a colour coded pole system so you know which pole goes where and are easy to slide into the large pole sleeves. Once the poles have been slotted into position, you place the end of the pole into the adjustable feet
  • The tent has eight guy line attachments and guy lines with reflectors
  • The outer fly sheet and inner tent are raised at the same time, which makes it quicker when pitching tent
  • It has a single entrance door on one side giving access to the main tent with plenty of space for equipment and rucksacks
  • There are ventilation openings with mosquito netting at each end of the tent
  • The zipped entrance door to the main sleeping area of the tent also includes a separate zipped mosquito netting
  • Inside the tent there are two pockets on each side of the tent as well as a clothing line spanning the length of the roof on the inner tent
  • There are also attachments for a number of other accessories inside the tent, such as extra pockets and an equipment shelf


Some additional specifications:
Consumer Material: Polyamide
Inner dimensions: 90/130/225
Construction: Tunnel
Total weight: 2600 g
Outer material: 70D 100% Polyamide, PU-coated
Fabric inner: 30D Ripstop polyamide water resistant
Outer fabric: 30D Triple-Rip polyester, both sides siliconized
Weight (FJR): 2600 g
Zips: YKK
Pegs: V-pegs
Poles: Alu. Ultra Light 9.64mm / 8.64mm
Number of persons: 2
Mosquito net: Polyester mesh
Seasons: 3 seasons tents

I think this is an excellent 3 season tent and very impressed with the build quality and the speed at which I can pitch the tent. Although I’m no tent expert, in fact a novice when it comes to tents, but going from my recent experience of using the Akka 3 during Polar and using my new Abisko 2 at the weekend, I feel this tent will fully meet my needs for future summer treks in Europe and 3 season use in the UK. I feel its the ideal size and weight for both single person or two person treks, with enough room in the entrance for storage of kit. The tent doesn’t come with additional ground sheet, so I will be purchasing one of those to help protect the attached ground sheet on rougher ground as well as providing ground cover at entrance to tent when storing equipment. I can’t wait to use it again at the end of this month in further preparation for the Fjällräven Classic in August.

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