Fjällräven Keb Gaiter Trousers Review

By Phil on 2015.03.30 In Product Review

I bought my Fjällräven Keb Gaiter trousers last April from my friends at The Sporting Lodge and have used them for many activities since then and in various conditions, so thought I would write a review.


So far I have put my Fjällräven Keb Gaiter trousers to test during the Fjällräven Classic, Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Snowshoeing and Ski Touring in Norway and many weekends in the Lakes and Scotland in both summer and winter conditions.

The Keb Gaiter trousers are trekking trousers made from a breathable stretch fabric with G-1000 Eco and G-1000 Heavy Duty (HD) used in the places which need the most protection like the backside, around the ankles and the front of the legs and knees. They also have side leg ventilation and large thigh pockets making them an excellent choice for all year round trousers in any weather conditions.

The heavy duty gaiter part of the trouser can be unzipped to slide down the leg and tighten via the drawchod around the calf to help protect boots and ankles and at the same time allowing ventilation to your legs or just to keep them in place around your ankles for easy access should you need to attach them back to the rest of the trousers should the temperature change suddenly. In the warmer climates the gaiter part of the trousers can be zipped off completely to make them into a pair of shorts. Both these features were most useful when trekking during the Fjällräven Classic and Morocco last year where the temperature can change dramatically.

The side ventilation zips from hip to knee allow excellent ventilation when wearing as shorts or full length trousers.

I also own a pair of Fjällräven Vidda Pro Winter trousers which I usually wear for winter hikes, but this winter I decided to try my Keb Gaiters to see how they compared. With part of the trousers being made from the breathable stretch material, I wasn’t sure if they would be suitable for winter conditions, but I was very surprised how they performed during my recent trip to Norway. They certainly kept me as warm as my Vidda Pro Winter trousers and the heavy duty G-1000 material used around the ankles in the gaiter part of the trousers was most useful when snowshoeing through deep snow.

The large thigh pockets are large enough for storing a map and other accessories you want easy access to, as well as two small hip pockets.

The leg endings also include boot hooks for connection to your boot laces to help keep the gaiter part of the trousers in place and protecting your ankles and boots from snow or wet conditions.

I find the Fjällräven Keb Gaiter trousers an excellent all year round pair of trousers and would seriously recommend to anyone looking for such trousers. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people in the UK wearing these as they are perfect the British climate and the changing weather conditions we can often experience when in the outdoors.

I like my UN Blue pair so much that I’m planning on buying a black pair very shortly.



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