Fjällräven Sarek Three Seasons Review

By Phil on 2014.10.03 In Product Review

Now I have had some real use out of my Fjällräven Sarek Three Season sleeping bag, I have finally got around to doing my review.


After being very impressed with the Fjällräven Polar -30 sleeping bag during the Fjällräven Polar in April, I decided to stick with the “go with what you know” approach and purchase the Sarek Three Season version. I did consider the Two Season versions, but I decided on the Three Season version with the thought of I would rather be too warm than too cold while out camping.

My first use of my sleeping bag was in the Lake District in May. It had been many years since I had camped here in the UK and couldn’t remember how cold it gets on the night. As I had only been back from the Polar a month, I went prepared with my Aclima Warmwool overall which I had been given on the Polar. So the first night I went to sleep in my Warmwool overall and the Sarek Three Season sleeping bag. Within minutes I was sweating. The combination of the two was way too much for our climate here in the UK, so I quickly changed back to just boxer shorts and t-shirt, which made it much more comfortable.

The biggest test of the sleeping bag came during my recent multi-day hike while doing the Fjällräven Classic in Sweden last August. This was a much better test due to the variations in weather each night during the trek, where I was exposed to warm night, windy and very wet. On each occasion the sleeping bag kept me warm and comfortable. The night I appreciated it the most, was the last night of the trek when we camped at Kieron. That was the day it had rained non-stop and everyone was soaked to the skin. After putting a tent in the pouring rain, all you want to do as get out of your wet clothes and some warmth. Once out of my clothes and into my sleeping bag I was set for the night. Nobody was getting me out of it. It was then I really appreciated getting the Three Season version, as I was warm and dry within minutes. A great feeling.


The sleeping bag is very lightweight which made it great for trekking. It has a two way full length zipper which is useful if you want to use for ventilation. It has a comfort temperature of -8, though I’m confident this could be beyond that due to experience. I found the head section and it’s draw string very useful, as you can pack some clothing inside to use as a pillow and the use the draw string to tighten to help keep it in place. Useful if travelling light. There is a small zipped pocket on the outside which is useful for storing things like head torch or other things you might want easy access to during the night or first thing in the morning. The two eyelets at the bottom are really useful should you want to hang it to dry or air. The sleeping bag comes in a pack bag with compression straps as well as a large cotton bag for placing sleeping bag inside when storing for long periods of time.

Technical specification:

  • Weight (FJR): 1200 g
  • Consumer Material: Padded (Down)
  • Outer material: 90% Goose Down 10% Feather
  • Fill power: 600 CUIN
  • Filling: 90% goose down, 10% feather
  • Filling weight: 650 g
  • Contains non textile parts of animal origin: Yes
  • Activity: Trekking
  • Max user length: 180 cm
  • Stuffed size: 20 x 34 cm
  • Shoulder width: 80 cm

This was the first sleeping bag I have bought for many years and I’m well impressed with its performance. I would certainly recommend the Fjällräven Three Season sleeping bag and look forward to using it during many future adventures.

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