Holy Hole in a Snow Cave

By Phil on 2015.08.28 In Iceland

After pitching our tents at our camp last night, Rhiannon, Rory, Alex, Ian and myself decided to explore a bit and headed to the highest point of the trek to a high point behind the camp site for some stunning views into the distance from where we had walked from.

After spending around half an hour taking photos the weather changed completely and we were covered in clouds. We decided to head back down to camp in the poor visibility before been greeted by an unhappy Charlie who had headed out looking for us along with Stefan. I had made the schoolboy error of not telling them where we had gone or taken my new walkie talkie. I wasn’t happy with myself, as usually always take my gadgets with me at all times.

 We thought the first night was windy. My god that was nothing compared to last night. It was relentless. Luckily we managed to get to the site early enough to pitch our tents in the middle of some circle of rocks scattered around to offer some protection.


The weather this morning was also a lot bleaker the yesterday morning as we headed out towards Alftavatn, so we decided to do it in one large group of 35 so not to loose anyone given the poor visibility.

Today there was a lot more snow patches to cross than the previous day as well as lots of snow caves along the way. We all took turns heading through one of the larger snow caves we found.


At one of the snow crossings Charlie had noticed a hole in the snow where someone had obviously crossed previously and their foot must have went all the way through as it was hollow below. Charlie stood above the hole directing people away around it, though some French guy from another group decided to try and be clever and ignore what Charlie was doing and went his own route and within seconds he fell through the snow and ice with only the top of his head visible. Within seconds Stefan had his rucksack off and sprinted back to help the man out of the hole. 

After the excitement of the snow cave and the Frenchman in a snow hole, Charlie, Stefan and one of the camera crew headed up one of the mountains to check it out as a route option for their winter crossing and do some filming. Charlie asked me to lead the group for the next leg and to meet them at the other side with the other 3 leaders scattered along the group. I took my leadership responsibilities seriously and started offering my alcohol to the younger members of the group to help keep them warm, though the real reason was to get rid of the weight of the more disgusting bottle of spirit I had brought along. They seemed to enjoy it.

We finally met up with Charlie and Stefan before the steep descent towards Alftavatn.
It has been a very mixed day of weather and scenery, going from very deep snow and ice to desert looking mountains and finally the lush green of Alftavatn.

When we arrived at Alftavatn the wind was so strong with no protection from it that we thought we might move on to the next site, though we have now decided to chance it as the views are stunning and the next site is just as windy apparently. It be interesting to see who’s tents stand up to these winds. Without doubt the windiest I have ever camped in.


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