Middle-aged Mutant Ninja Walkers

By Phil on 2013.08.24 In Tour du Mont Blanc

After a cracking 9 1/2 hours sleep (which is an equivalent for two nights for me if I’m lucky!) we all felt really refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

We were very sad to leave our fantastic spa hotel, especially after the guy on reception tried to convince us to stay another night and gatecrash the wedding reception happening in hotel later in the day. We were very tempted but none of us had packed a suit and didn’t think our Icebreaker “no stink” clothing was appropriate attire.

We all couldn’t remember the last time we all felt this refreshed as we stormed on to Les Houches at a blistering pace. The sun was shining yet again though bad weather was forecast. We also finally decided on our walk theme song for the trek of Blurred Lines, which me and Joe had danced to in shop on our first day, though we have made up our own version of it called Tanned Lines.

During the last few days Joe had burnt his button size nose and was rather red. I guess his anti snoring nose strips wouldn’t have helped either. So he kept having to apply Vaseline as we went along.

It’s was another great walk through gorges and little hamlets as we headed to Les Houches before we arrived at an Auberge in Bionassay just in time for lunch. As soon as we arrived the heavens opened. The torrential rain was bouncing off the pavement and tables outside. We were wishing we took up our spa receptionists invite of gatecrashing the wedding. Luckily the auberge was a cosy little place, with the only thing missing being Sky sports, live football and a dart board.

We stayed at the auberge for a while to have lunch and to see if the rain would ease a little, which it did, so we all got dressed in our black waterproofs looking like ninjas going on a fishing trip. We were ready for anything!

It wasn’t long before the light rain turned to torrential rain with thunder and lightening. But we plodded on as we descended into Les Houches via the ski slopes and runs. It was really strange walking through the runs and slopes in the summer imagining what the resort will be like in winter. With me and Joe imagining where we could get our snowboarding turns in. Looks like a cracking ski resort.

We arrived at our hotel after 20km walk totally drenched yet still enjoyable walk with the usual good laugh along the way. Our hotel was another cracking choice by Joe as we sat in the outdoor themed pool room with flat screen watching 1970’s Charlie Angels channel with 70’s chilling music playing in background drinking Belgian beer.

Weather is also not looking good for tomorrow which means we have to alter stage 8 and avoid the 1600 metre ascent in thunder storms and no visibility when at the top and instead head to Chamonix and spend the night at our friend Sean’s place.

Anyway, signing off now as the Belgian beer is kicking in and due to go for our meal.

Au revoir!

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