Mont Blanc Mastiff!

By Phil on 2013.08.20 In Tour du Mont Blanc

Great night at Rifugio Bonatti. What a refuge. And there I was worrying about having to stay in refuges on this trip. Though the token they give you for the shower was harsh. Only 2 minutes of hot water. Could have warned us!

Despite our hard day, we were still last to leave the bar at 21:30 before heading to bed. Joe spent half an hour trying to put on his anti snoring nose strip. Apparently he has only been putting half of it on. Which explains the fact they weren’t working. He was doing this as he usually does by wandering around the room naked with our room door wide open. I’m sure Chris will remember this type of behaviour by Joe from last year in the Pyrenees.

I also treated myself to a TMB t-shirt from reception which is well cool. Ask me about it. ;) Then I realised that its probably at least another 200 grams I now need to carry for rest of trek.

It also seems this blog has now gone viral, after I posted some photos and links to it on the TMB Facebook page. So hello to my fellow TMB’ers out there reading this.

We had to be up early this morning for 7:30 breakfast before our shortest walk of the trek to Courmayeur. And yet again we were last to leave. Probably because all the other guests had to do the long walk we did yesterday going in the anti clockwise direction. One benefit of doing it as we are in the clockwise direction and a day shorter is that you get the whole mornings of the trek to yourselves. It’s not until around lunch time you start passing people. Also gives us time to recover from any hangover we may have before meeting people

As we wandered along I said to the lads: “Aren’t we meant to have seen the Mont Blanc mastiff yet?” Joe replied: “You mean Mont Blanc massif. Or are you talking about a big white dog only found in the Mont Blanc region” I blame the heat and altitude for my mistake.

Today’s walk to Courmayeur was a cracking walk with yet more stunning views. So we had lots of photos stops along the way. Was also the shortest of 12km though did have a very hard and tricky descent. Well over 900 metres. We also started singing various songs which we could call the years trek song. We had that A-ha classic “The Sun Always Shines… On TMB” There we many others though we are still working on preferred choice.

We finally arrived in Courmayeur at 13:30 just as the church bells chimed before heading straight to cafe in one of the squares for some Pinot Grigio and some lunch. Before heading to our hotel. Which was a relief for me as this was last of hotels I had booked so no more worries about booking in wrong country. Though when looking on map to find our hotel in Courmayeur I saw there was another Champex nearby, which is also where we stayed on our first night in Switzerland. To which Jase said: “Jesus we dodged a bullet there!”

Due to our early arrival we took this opportunity to wash some of our clothes as our rooms started getting a strange aroma. Though my merino no stick boxers were holding out pretty well.

After a nice shower and shave we were ready to hit the afternoon sun with a few drinks on our terrace. It was then we noticed this big white mountain we could see from our hotel. There it was, the Mont Blanc massif! Not masstif! We realised we had actually passed it earlier in the day without even noticing. But among all those other amazing mountains its hard to differentiate. Can only happen to us. I guess once again this is where map reading would come in handy. Anyway what a sight! Before we came on this trek I was told to just keep it on our right at all times and we shouldn’t get lost. Easier said than done, but we shall try.

We spent the rest if the afternoon sitting in one of the squares outside, in the sun drinking Vini. Perfetto!

As the drink flowed we thought about what we would do if we won the Euro Lottery which we put on earlier tonight. I said we should buy a helicopter to take us to the top of Mont Blanc with a table, chairs and champagne and post pictures of us on the blog and Facebook. Joe’s idea would be to, hire a personal butler called Albert to carry his rucksack and put Joe on his shoulders as we/he complete the tour while paying a photographer to take photos of us on our butlers shoulders. You will find out soon enough if we win or not. We have far too much time on our hands. We should be really reading our guide book for tomorrow which is meant to be one of the hardest days of trek. Molto Buono!

Singing off now as we watch the sun set while drinking the local cocktails before heading for food.

Goode sera!

PS: made a little bit of a mess with route and didn’t record half a km of route so figures a little out

Click here for today’s route

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