Nee Bother

By Phil on 2015.08.01 In Norway

Had a great night out in Stavanger City last night. Wandered around the streets in the sun and having a few drinks along the way. At one point we were even being followed by a drone as we walked along the harbour front. Not sure what that was about.

View from rooftop of our hotel

After food we headed back to Nåløyet bar where we had met Jostein and Britt Victoria on Thursday night and where they play cool music and also have the most knowledgable bar staff I have ever met.

As Jason was getting our last drinks of the night he noticed he had no Norwegian cash left in his wallet so had to pay with his card. He then asked the barman if anyone had handed in any cash as he thought he must have dropped it at the bar earlier. Luckily enough someone had handed in the 1000 NOK (£80) he had dropped along with his hotel room key.

This morning I woke with a pain in my knee so didn’t really fancy a hard hike today, plus the weather forecast was for rain most of the day so we decided to head along coast and to Jaeren beach.

On the way to Jaeren beach we had to pass the place where we got our hire car from, so we thought maybe we should pop in and tell them about our little accident.

We weren’t going to mention the car incident as we had hoped to fix it ourselves, but after visiting the local scrap yards and the Toyota dealers with no success, we decided to tell the hire car company about the smashed fog light after reversing into a rubbish bin at the car park at Trolltunga.

Anyway the girl at hire place said its was no bother and was pleased we were honest and mentioned the light damage and even gave us discount on the rental for being honest, though we will still have to pay the cost of repair.

We continued the drive along Jaeren beach stopping off at various points for photos. One part of the beach in particular was packed with surfers and kite surfers all dressed like ninjas. It was a stunning coastline just a shame about the weather

Tonight is our last night in Stavanger so may as well have a few beers to end a great week of adventure. I love Norway!


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