No Ordinary People

By Phil on 2015.08.30 In Iceland

Last night after setting up camp, our group of Beardy Trekkers headed to the canyon on a short hike from our site.As we arrived at the canyon the views were once again stunning. We could see the large glacier all around us as the sun started to set above the mountains. Unfortunately the best photos are on my DSLR camera as the battery on my phone died, so will hopefully post more at a later date  

We decided to hang around for a while taking photos as well as shots of the full moon behind us. It was a magical night and perfect way to spend the last night camping. Even Alex, the usually quiet cockney member of our group commented that this was one of those nights that we would all remember. I don’t think I will ever forget the deep red colour above he mountains. I have seen nothing like it before. Joe commented: “This has been the the best night of my life ever! Honestly!”



We returned to the the camp site sitting drinking the remainder of our local alcohol hoping to see the Northern Lights which had appeared the previous two nights, however they didn’t show.

The whole group woke around 6:00 to get ready for an 08:00 start on our final leg towards Laugidalur.





The two youngest of the group Megan and Sophie asked if they could join our Beardy Trekkers group as they thought we were fast and would like to be part of the “Pro’s” as Charlie had previously described our group. Of course we were more than happy to accommodate more members and were also joined by Lucy. 

By the time we started the trek the sun was shining and everyone was in great spirits with the thought of beer and civilisation at the end of the day. Megan, Sophie and Lucy were so happy that start singing the song “Ordinary People” by John Legend. 

I decided to stick with Megan, Sophie and Lucy and their singing rather than the Beardy Trekkers. Even Joe was impressed with the singing and think he has them earmarked as backing singers. I asked if they did requests and knew any Blondie. Obviously Blondie was way before their time but they did know “Tide is High”

The final day was another hard slog across more volcanic ash fields and another very icy river crossing before finishing off with an ascent through trees and what I guess Iceland would call a forest, as Iceland don’t have many trees. It was quite strange seeing such landscape after days of volcanic ash tracks and rocky landscapes.

As you may have seen from earlier posts that us Beardy Trekkers like to grow an adventure beard during our treks. I have to say the weather caused real havoc with most of our beards with only Rhiannon and Rory’s beards surviving the whole trek.


The song “Ordinary People” which Megan, Sophie and Lucy had started singing in the morning had stuck with me all day.

The reason the song had stuck with me was that the whole group were certainly no ordinary people. There was a wide mix of age ranges, from as young as 18 right up to Joe aged 53 (or 56 as Charlie announced on bus recent U.S. Radio interview about their Coldest Crossing). All with different ability. Some had never even done any hiking before. I remember Ellie saying the other day “I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m hiking in Iceland. This is awesome! I have never done anything like this before.”

It wasn’t all plain sailing. Some people really struggled and we lost one person last night after pulling calf ligaments and the guys had to arrange to get them transported back to Reykjavik and go to hospital. Also one person was ill from the start but with help from the whole group they made it to the end.


To me the real stars of this whole trek have been Charlie, Stefan, Archie and Angus. These fours guys have been amazing, so organised and professional from start to finish.

This whole trip was a reccy for their attempt to be he first to cross Iceland from North to South in the winter unsupported which will take them a month to do.
They were also supported but a great set of guys who were part of the film and camera crew hoping to join the guys on their winter expedition.

All four of them were superb at everything they did. From Charlie carrying people across rivers in his baywatch speedos and organisation, Stefan reacting like a ninja to any situation even those who weren’t in our group and to Angus and Archie supporting and helping Charlie and Stefan in everything they did.

I took 7 of my experienced hiking friends with me and every single one of them could not believe Charlie and his team were only 19 years old and are going attempt Crossing Iceland in the winter, yet at the same time every single one of them know they will do it. We experienced some harsh conditions during this summer trek so can’t imagine what they will experience during winter.

One thing I can say is that Charlie, Stefan, Angus and Archie are “No Ordinary People”. These are a great group of guys and a great team and we all have no doubt they will do The Coldest Crossing this winter. We all felt privileged to be part of their summer expedition.

Takk guys and good luck for The Coldest Crossing


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