Primus Lite+ Review

By Phil on 2015.07.13 In Product Review

I recently received the Primus Lite+ stove and here is my review.


I already own the Primus OmniLite TI 4 season dual fuel stove, which is a great stove, but I was wanting a one which was more compact and one to use on treks where I would only be needing to boil water required for freeze dried food meals as opposed to taking additional pans etc. The Lite+ is perfect for this.

It is very light and allows you to neatly fit the small 100g gas canister and the element inside the aluminium pot and securely close using the cloth handle on the side of the cup which you detach from one end and cover the lid before clipping into place. The cloth handle also comes with 3 small screw pegs which can be screwed onto the top of the element and used for pans should you need to boil more than the pot allows. I was not expecting this neat feature as I hadn’t seen it on the product description.

The Lite+ is very easy to assemble by screwing the gas canister to the burner and the pot easily clicks into place. It’s also very easy to detach the pot once boiled by holding the base of the gas canister and a slight twist of the pot using the cloth handle on the side or simply holding the pot via its heat resistant sleeve, so you don’t need to touch the hot base of the pot or burner.

I have now used this on my last 2 weekend wild camps and was well impressed on how it performed. It boiled 0.5L of water in around 2:45 seconds as described, for use with my freeze dried meals. On a couple of occasions I even used it to boil water to heat a boil in the bag ready to eat meal which I had folded and placed into the pot, though this does take longer than 2:45 when just boiling water on its own as it has to heat through the packet. I was well impressed with this as I thought the pot may have been too small to heat a boil in the bag meal.

Being a lover of a good coffee first thing in the morning, I also bought the additional Primus coffee press accessory. The press cost me around £10 including delivery and fitted perfectly with the Lite+ and does exactly what it’s meant to, press the coffee.


The stove also comes with a heat resistant sleeve made from G-1000 material and comes in a few different colours, this allows you to hold it as a mug and drink direct from the pot if required. The stove can also be used while hanging with the string and hook provided. A folding foot support is also provided to attach to the gas canister for additional support on uneven surfaces if required. I have yet to use this support as found the gas canister on its own was fine.



I love the Primus Lite+ stove. It’s light, compact, efficient and very quiet while boiling the water. The pot is easy to attach and detach from the burner even when just finished boiling. The option of screwing 3 pins to the burner to allow you to use pans was a real bonus. My fellow hiking friends were also well impressed with the addition of the coffee press and I could have quite easily have charged them for a coffee if I had taken more another pack of ground coffee. Perfect for multiday hiking adventures.

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You can find a great range of Primus kit here at Above and Beyond

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  1. I have one as well and is perfect for this time when you travel light and needs to boil water fast. Used it with the winters during winter and was perfect for melting small amounts of snow for a hot drink. Even left my thermos for day trips since this was so quick and easy.

    • Phil wrote:

      Agree Johan. A perfect stove for travelling light. And I love the coffee press! :) It’s so light I will be taking it on day hikes which I don’t tend to do.

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