Strictly Polar Bikini’s and Bathing Shorts

By Phil on 2014.03.30 In Fjällräven Polar

Well it’s been exactly a week since my last post and in exactly a week today I will be heading to Stockholm to meet all my fellow Polarists before heading north of the Arctic Circle to start our Fjällräven Polar adventure.

It seems like a lot has happened this last week. First my Sun FM follow up interview with Stephen McCabe was aired on Tuesday, part of which can be heard here.


Next was getting confirmation of my table for 10 people BT Tower Dining Club prize at the top of the BT Tower in London which I’m auctioning off to help raise more funds for Cancer Research UK. Full details can be found here. I would like to thank Ian Richardson and other BT work colleagues who helped make this possible. This really is a unique “money can’t buy” prize. So please spread the word by sharing with any businesses, work colleagues or friends and family who might be interested.

This week was also my last week of my training plan given to me by the Sports Scientists at the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences from Sunderland University. It has been great following a specific training plan and has really helped improve my overall fitness. I’m now looking forward to going back to see Lisa and her team this week to do my follow up test to see how my heart rate, oxygen levels, blood analysis of lactic acid and more have improved. If they have improved! I have also now been off the alcohol for 58 consecutive days, which has also helped with my training, and incidentally happens to be the same length of time my beloved Sunderland last won a league football match following our 3-0 away victory over local rivals Newcastle United. Maybe I need a drink now!

One of the main things which has helped the time go quickly, has been continuing to get to know my fellow Polarists via our online and WhatsApp groups. You can really feel the excitement amongst us all and has been great sharing expectations, concerns or anything else we want to share. Some of the more hilarious exchanges have been around things we need to take with us and wondering if Fjällräven do a G-1000 fur trimmed bikini for the girls, as fellow Polarist Peter Blom Jensen from Denmark has already invented his Nordic Heater Bathing Shorts for the boys, so we are sorted. Which Peter kindly demonstrates for us here in his video.

A close up of Peter’s Nordic Heater Bathing Shorts for men:


Last night I also did my first attempt at packing for the Fjällräven Polar. We only need to take hand luggage with us as Fjällräven kindly provide us with everything we need for the adventure. Here is my first attempt:


But more importantly I did my first practice dance routine for our “special” video we plan on doing. The theme of our video is a closely guarded secret, so you will have to wait until after our adventure to watch it. Last year’s Polarists did the following Harlem Shake video following their adventure.

We are lucky to have a secret weapon in Bieke from Belgium in our team, who is a dancer and she is going to help us all fine tune our dancing skills and choreograph our masterpiece. It’s starting to sound like Strictly Polar dance show rather than a Polar adventure.

I also received a picture message of support from my mate Neil Dixon wishing me luck while wearing his Fjällräven hat. Cheers mate.

neil dixon and hat

Well that’s all for now. I’m sure I will be updating a lot more over the coming days and weeks. I just hope this week goes as quick as the last week. God Dag (been practicing some Swedish)

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  1. Looking forward to follow your adventure, but not the pics of you in polar shorts ;-)

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