Supa Troopas

By Phil on 2013.08.22 In Tour du Mont Blanc

After a rather interesting night in Rifugio Elisabetta in Italy sharing a room with 3 trekking guides, it’s was time for us to head to our third country of the trek, France!

Breakfast was a treat at 6:30 in the morning as I left Joe and Pepe sleep for another 30 minutes. Where we were treated with coffee, small pack of 3 biscuits, two slices of toast in a packet the size of a Jacobs cracker and some jam!

After our not so hearty breakfast, we headed off through the valley away from Mont Blanc for the next two days as we headed to France.

It’s was another red hot day but with a very welcome cool breeze as we headed to our next refuge. Just hoping it was like Rifugio Bonatti and not Elisabetta.

Again we had most of the morning to ourselves going in the clockwise direction and meeting various interesting people. Like the three elderly Swedish ladies who stopped to chat. After exchanging experiences of the refuges we were all on our way to visit we said our goodbyes. As we left them and headed on our way Joe said: “Howay who is now thinking of ABBA songs” To which were all were. So we started singing various ABBA songs for a while.

We then descended to a little hamlet in France for a well deserved coffee before our 900+ ascent to our refuge. In the cafe we used the toilet which was under the stairs with a slanted roof as in Mrs Browns boys. Very bizarre.

Our ascent to the refuge was also quite bizarre as we passed lots of people coming down, some with donkey’s and a woman in a bikini!

Yet again the guide book we have lied about profile and the time for today’s walk. No the wonder we have problems! We are going to write our own version, which will be much more fun for the readers.

For the seconds night in a row, the refuge Joe booked didn’t have us booked in. Luckily they still had room and placed us in a room with a French woman and her son and daughter. As we sat at the refuge drinking large Leffe beer Joe felt rather proud by pointing out that we didn’t get lost today, so that’s 2 out of 5 where we haven’t been lost. Tres Bon!

It’s also been two days since we have had a wash as the last refuge didn’t even have lukewarm water and we didn’t even think about chancing it at our new French refuge. Gods knows what we all smell like, but I guess we all smell the same, maybe apart from Pepe le Pew Perkins.

After a few well deserved Leffe’s we were treated to a cracking homemade evening meal, completely different to last nighta food. Funniest bit was watching Pepe Perkins (Jase) serving all our table our large chunks of beef stew. Can’t have been easy for the only Veggie in the refuge as he waited for his omelette.

It was then lights out and everyone had to use head torches for rest of the night before we headed back to our dorm for an early night.

Click here for today’s route

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