Thank You So Much!

By Phil on 2013.12.12 In Fjällräven Polar

Now I have finally come back down to earth (well nearly) after the last two days, I have finally got around to updating my blog.

I would just like to say a huge huge thanks to all of you who voted, shared and campaigned for me over the last month and helping me win the Fjällräven Polar 2014 for the UK. Your help and support has allowed me to be part of this unique once in a lifetime adventure as well as giving me the opportunity to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK in the process. You have all been truly amazing! Many of you went way beyond anything I ever expected you to do in order to help me. It was quite overwhelming to be honest.

I never expected the interest and attention this generated. What started off with asking people to share a voting link on their Facebook page led to Facebook posts on local news sites like Sunderland Tyne & Wear and Sky Tyne & Wear, BT Intranet feature stories, Star Wars fan groups, radio interviews with Sun FM and Real Radio North East, newspaper articles with Sunderland Echo, being poster boy of TK Maxx (corporate sponsor for Cancer Research UK) for two days, celebrity tweets from Kristina Rihanoff (from Strictly Come Dancing) and Alan Hinkes (the first Briton to have climbed all 14 of the world’s mountains over 8000m high), and being asked by Trek & Mountain magazine to write about Polar my experience and many more. The whole experience has been eventful, exciting and emotional. An unbelievable experience that I will never forget and that’s before I even get near the Arctic Circle.

The feeling I felt at exactly 11:00am on Tuesday 10th of December when voting closed was simply amazing. Finishing in first place for the UK by 635 votes, which was all down to all of you who helped by voting and sharing. I will never forget that.

One thing that made me laugh an hour after finding out I had won this unique opportunity, was hearing the 12 noon news on Sun FM from Stephen McCabe, who had earlier interviewed me for the station: “Thousands gather in South Africa today for the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Meanwhile here in Sunderland, Ryhope lad Phil Raisbeck has beaten off stiff competition to win the chance to represent the UK in the Fjallraven Polar 2014.”

But most importantly was getting the full support and Facebook page post from Cancer Research UK and being asked to become a registered fundraiser for this and my future crazy adventures to help them raise money and awareness for cancer research to help beat cancer sooner.

So I just want to thank you all so much for helping and supporting me over the last month. It really has been an unforgettable experience and appreciate your help and support more than you will know.


PS: Anyone got a wooden sledge and 6 husky dogs I can borrow? Need to start training.

Here are some photos from my campaign:
Kristina tweet4

alan hinkes retweet3

tk maxx congrats

Kristina tweet2

Kristina tweet

cancer story

sunderland echo picks of the day

echo article

polar wars SWGOTWU

alan hinkes

sun FM article

sky tyne and wear

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