The Tale of the Double D’s

By Phil on 2014.03.02 In Munros

Well yesterday’s attempt at more Munro bagging was a lot less lonely affair than my solo summit of Ben Lomond on Friday. As I met up with 24 of my fellow EYW members at the Bridge of Orchy Hotel to attempt the Double D’s of Beinn Dorain and Beinn Dothaidh.
It was a cracking morning, with clear blue skies and the sun shining. Yes the sun in Scotland! I know, I was a little shocked too. Totally different from Friday’s cloudy weather when doing Ben Lomond. So off we set like a trail of ants heading up to the bealach between the two Munro’s. It was a fairly well marked path as we headed up, until we reached about 450m and the snow. And there was loads of it. I don’t think I have ever been in so much snow. At times you could step into snow which went right up to your waist. As a lover of snow I thought this was great, though did make the walk up a little harder, as you never knew what was underneath your feet and how deep. Just wish I had taken a snowboard up with me.
After an hour or so we stopped for a short break where I also got to try out my new tripod and remote control for camera to take a group shot of us all. Everyone seemed in good spirits as we headed on tackle Beinn Dorain first, which was another few hundred metres up as the weather started to change. The wind picked up as well as light snow showers and cloud as we headed to the summit of Beinn Dorain.
We got to 100m from the summit and the weather had totally changed. The visibility was constantly changing and the ground had turned to hard snow and ice which now required crampons if we were to make it to the top. Not all of the group had crampons and ice axe, so the group decided to split. There were ten of us who had crampons and axe who were willing to give it go, as the rest turned back to the bealach for a lunch stop. But by the time the ten of us had geared ourselves up with our crampons the summit was completely out of sight. We waited a few minutes to see if things would change, but no such luck. The walk to the summit meant going between a rather large cornice which we couldn’t see how close to the edge we were and a rather steep slope on the opposite side so we made the decision to abort and head back to meet the others. As we were geared up we decided to head down via another ridge which meant we caught up the rest of the group just as they arrived at the bealach for lunch. At this point there was no chance we could even attempt Beinn Dothaidh due to running out of time but also the visibility on that summit did not look good.
After a spot of lunch it was time to descend in the deep snow and sunshine back to the Bridge of Orchy Hotel for a drink.
Although I was disappointed not to have bagged Beinn Dorain or Beinn Dothaidh, we certainly made the right decision and glad Andy and some of the other more experienced guys made that decision. It was still a cracking day and walk and got to meet a few new members of EYW. Also had a good laugh sliding down some of the way on bum seat sledges, making massive snow balls and Bridget wearing her trousers back to front for the whole day to name a few.
And as many people say when you have to abort an attempt on a summit. “It will be there next time. It’s not going anywhere.” We shall return…

Overall I had a cracking two days in Scotland and glad I managed to bag my first solo Munro on Friday. Although I didn’t get to summit the Double D’s yesterday, I guess one out of three aint bad.

Here is a little video montage of the day:

It’s now only 5 weeks today till I fly out to Stockholm to meet my fellow Fjällräven Polar participants and before we all head to Norway together to start our amazing adventure. I’m counting down the days!!!

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