With Walkie Talkie Comes Great Responsibility

By Phil on 2015.08.27 In Iceland

It was quite windy at camp Landmannalagaur last night. Luckily all our tents survived the strong winds, especially Rhiannon and Bridget’s tents, as they had both decided to place large rocks all around the base of their tents and looked like some fancy garden rockery display. Think the girls must have been having a great British rock off.

Today was the day I had been waiting for, no not the start of this amazing trek but my new gadget that Charlie had promised me. A Walkie talkie!

As I would be leading my group of Beardy Trekkers, Charlie insisted I had to have one so I could check in with him and the other leaders Stefan ‘the crazy Russian’, Angus and Archie. He also gave me a map of the area we would be trekking and showed me the route, but I was more interested in my new toy. He obviously doesn’t know my history with maps or lack of. Charlie also asked if I wouldn’t mind if Stefan’s mam Anna and his step Dad Steve joined our group. Is this what happens when you get given a Walkie talkie? Added responsibility? 

We had met Anna and Steve briefly yesterday so we were more than happy for them to join he Beardy Trekkers.
Charlie and his fellow Coldest Crossing team had some filming to do before setting off on the trek so we set off as first group.

It was a cracking start to the trek crossing the lavas fields and seeing even more contrasting coloured landscapes. We also passed many stinking sulphur pools along the way, though as someone pointed out it was hard to tell if it was the sulphur or in fact Joe having just let one go following his tikka chicken freeze dried meals from the night before.
I had been given clear instructions from Charlie to turn the Walkie talkie on every 30 mins to check in with the rest of the leaders. However with all the stunning scenery around us I forgot about his for the first hour or so, until Rhiannon asked if I had my own radio handle and if I had spoken with Charlie yet.

I made sure I didn’t miss my next check time and issues my first “Bravo Tango, Beardy Trekkers, come in Charlie, over!” And as if by magic he responded. I told him our location and that we were heading on. He informed me they were just leaving Landmannalagaur over an hour and a half after we had left.

Charlie decided to leave the 28 others behind with the other leaders and ran ahead to catch us up and come along with us now all his filming duties had been done.

We continued the trek towards Hrafntinnusker, crossing many large ice patches and small bubbling geysers before arriving at our camp for the night.



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  1. sallypotter wrote:

    Hello Phil,Joe,Ian,Rory and Alex,
    What a coincidence,Tony and I were on this trip just 4 weeks ago! And it was wonderful, such stunning scenery – look out for the troll in the canyon!
    Sally x

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