Women Are Like Bears

By Phil on 2013.08.26 In Tour du Mont Blanc

Well we had a great relaxing day and night in Chamonix yesterday and was great to stay at our mate Sean Russell’s apartment with stunning views of Mont Blanc. Cheers Sean. We really appreciated it. Can’t wait to use his place again. Preferably in the winter time. If that’s ok Sean. ;)

Chamonix is an amazing place. Me and Joe were imaging what it would be like in winter and comparing it to Mayerhofen and Bulgaria from our past snowboarding trips. It was such a massive resort and loads of outdoor shops! The place was also buzzing more than usual due to the TMB Ultra Trail staring from Chamonix tonight at 22:00. We were gutted to miss it but we had our own TMB to complete. Hopefully we will see some of it during our chilling days back in Chamonix on Wednesday!

Our penultimate leg was another hard slog from Tres-le-Champ to Col de la Forclaz. It was also the end of us seeing the big fella, Mont Blanc during our walks. Although Mont Blanc is actually in France it was best seen and experienced from the Courmayeur side, where you feel so much closer to it. Though still just as stunning from the Chamomix area. Today was also the day we left France and back to Switzerland where we started this whole journey and where they have lovely muesli but everything is so expensive!

Today’s walk started with a constant ascent. We all really felt it, which was probably due to our over indulgence in Chamonix. But we cracked on as we do. Today’s leg was also busy with lots of other walkers lead by tour guides. Some were a lot older than us so we had to make an effort. At the start though we tagged on to the back of one of the groups, mainly because we were struggling, but we also got to hear some history about the walk, which was nice. We think they got tired of us tagging along and wasn’t long before they stopped and let us walk past them as they thought they were slowing us down. When in fact they we doing us a favour.

Eventually we arrived at the top at Col de Balme. Where there was a little refuge where you could get a coffee, though we had been warned about the elderly lady owner being really awful to visitors, but we went anyway while the tour group preferred to keep their distance 10 mins away eating an drinking their own stuff. The elderly lady smiled as we entered the building but after ordering our coffees and then asking where toilets were we knew what people meant. She was awful. She needs to go on a people manager course that’s for sure. I eventually understood that the toilets weren’t actually in the building but outside somewhere. So I wandered around outside and saw this large white fridge kind of thing which was obviously a port-a-loo. So I headed over and opened the door. Oh my god! Never smelt or seen anything so disgusting in all my life as I quickly shut the door and headed back to Joe and Pepe drinking their coffee while feeling sick. Joe and Pepe couldn’t stop laughing as I was retching. As well as the tour group in the distance looking and laughing. Luckily I wasn’t that in need of the toilet, it could wait. Just wish I never tried!

On the way down we also came across a rather unusual sight and only one of trek of a lady having wilderness dump. Obviously, like me, she didn’t fancy the toilets at the refuge either. I don’t blame her!

Overall today’s was a fairly quiet day for us as I think we all struggled following our day in Chamonix but also feeling sad that tomorrow is our last day of what has been an amazing trek. We still saw some amazing sights of Mont Blanc and the Swiss valley.

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